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The larger concern through this conversation could be the infection and illness issue.

The larger concern through this conversation could be the infection and illness issue.

This is my very first idea! I became amazed that no body else pointed out it!

I might certainly get tested… and then pay attention to Wendy’s advice… for the reason that purchase.

fast eddie February 4, 2011, 8:14 am

Eons ago I had non-safe sex with prostitutes and had been contaminated twice, treated and restored. 10 years later on through the intimate revolution regarding the 70s and achieving lots of partners I happened to be contaminated once more and notified all 3 of my present lovers who’d to pass in the tuned in to their other connections. I do believe there have been more then 20 of us for the reason that tree of love.

Emma 4, 2011, 8:51 am february

We accept wendy. If this person is whom u say he’s, ask ur concerns, consider the answers and ur gut feeling and go on it after that. And I additionally also don’t think u should talk to ur buddies about this, b/c that may cause more difficulty it is well worth. But i really do concur with gettin tested for STDs b/c it really is a rampant issue.

evanscr05 February 4, 2011, 9:41 am

Shocking? Positively. Dealbreaker? Not always. We agree with Wendy…do maybe not inform your girlfriends. After being together for per year, presumably both you and your boyfriend are in a spot in your relationship where you could share your many intimate secrets with one another, also it seems he has got done this. Communicate with him regarding how you’re feeling, however in a means that doesn’t make him feel accountable about a determination he made years back. Learn why he made it happen, and exactly why he decided to inform you. The one and only thing that will concern me personally with something similar to this can be illness. If he never got tested after being with these ladies, i might be upset to master if he’d some type of STD and perchance passed it in in my experience.